Auto Stack XP – Automatic Bale Loader

Auto Stack XP – Automatic Bale Loader



Arcusin Auto Stack XP, is a revolutionary product on the Australian market, set to improve efficiency and reduce your handling costs.

Requiring only one operator, the Auto Stack Automatic Bale Loader, picks up bales where they lie in the paddock without the need to turn them with the single turn pick up. The bales are lifted onto the loading platform with the assistance of sensors and a pusher bar. Bales are then delivered to the trailer bed by strategically positioned rollers.

The side panels of the AutoStack XP provide stability and alignment of bales, the tilting trailer bed enables easy and safe unloading.

The self steering rear axle and flotation tyres features on the XP model enables optimal field coverage without damage to the terrain and easy of use.

  • One operator
  • Automatic stair drive chains with sensors for bale detection
  • Floating system with single turn pick up
  • Smooth control of bale movements
  • Bales delivered to trailer bed by strategically positioned rollers
  • Simple & safe unloading or stacking of bales
  • Floatation tyres = stability
  • Self steering axle
  • electronic control box in cabin
  • PTO driven with hydraulic input & output
  • Own hydraulic system, variable displacement pump
  • Can be adjustable to cater to different bale sizes

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 2017 Australian Demonstrations available, enquire for details