Panther R10 Bale Chaser

Panther R10 Bale Chaser



The Panther R10 Bale Chaser, is a round bale handler intended to collect and transfer bales effectively.

The R10 is an innovative processes, designed to pick up bales as they lie, providing optimal field coverage.

Ideal for reducing handling costs and time, the R10 Bale Chaser moves bales further & faster.

New and improved model for 2017, carries 4ft and 5 ft round bales.

  • Carries 10 round bales
  • Bale size approx. between 121cms to 146cms
  • Size of load space adjustable accordingly to the size of bale
  • Unload 10 bales at once
  • Good visibility from cabin
  • No need to tie down load
  • No bale damage
  • One man, one machine
  • Fitted with floatation tyres & brakes
  • Min tractor Hp required

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